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Loosely derived from chess, we explain it as checkers with artillery. Like chess, various pieces kill opposing pieces, and ultimately, their kings. With the intriguing aspect to double-hit an Army, players are forced to chose between the death of one of the two pieces or working with an ally find a way to save both. 

Game Overview


Chess | Checkers | Artillary
2, 3, or 4 Players



Crispy Critter Creations

Chess / Checkers-like Board Game

Players strategize, use teamwork, Roman phalanxes, and short and long range artillery.


Must stay in original nine square area. If killed, remainder of army belongs to his captor. (Four-Army Game)


Only piece able to jump in any direction.


Depending on placement, may capture opposition pieces from 2 to 10 squares away without moving.


Short range artillery, captures with out motion on a smaller scale. 


Able to move in unison with any number of Captains or Serfs of the same army so long as the pieces in question form the shape of a solid rectangle.


May move in unison with other Serfs with the aid of a Captain.    


A Stone is a marker which must be placed on the square in which a player is able to capture by the use of Catapults. (six maximum) A Stone must be placed on the previous turn for capture to happen.


Used to determine which player’s turn it is.

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